• Girl’s Luau Night

    Friday, November 8, 2013

    6:00 to 8:00pm

    Bring your Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts. We’ll provide the leis.

    It’s going to get Waikiki in so many ways!

    Dates to remember:

    November 1st- Progress Reports come home

    November 3rd: Daylight Savings Time Ends

    November 8th: Sauder Girls’ Luau Night 6:00-8:00 PM

    November 12th: PTG Meeting 9:30 AM (cafeteria)

    November 19th: Wrapping Paper Delivery

    November 19th: Jackson School Board Meeting 6:00 PM at Lake Cable

    November 21st: Sauder Singers Harvest Concert 7:00 PM

    November 22nd: Interims sent home

    November 27th-December 2nd: NO SCHOOL (Eat some turkey and mashed potatoes)

    Blackstock Math- We have not been working out of the workbook or standard book a whole lot lately.  The concepts were taught to the students last year, so we are digging into some of the 6th grade material and working on real world application.  The students just completed their catering presentations and they were outstanding.  Throughout the projects students worked on rounding, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals along with multiplying and dividing fractions.  We are going to focus on application of multiplying fractions and probability for the month of November.  They will have a neat probability project to work on before Thanksgiving.

    Fritz Math-

    Language Arts- Students finished reading one of two books: Julie of the Wolves or Old Yeller.  They will work on projects for the books for a week and then present what they completed.  We are focusing on writing and comprehension with the reading projects.  So far, they look great and be sure to look at the pictures on the website as they are put on-line.

    Social Studies- We will begin the month of November working on Native Americans, and wrap it up with Explorers.  When we begin studying the exploration era, students will be given an explorer to research and write a report.  All of the research and writing will be done in class.  

    Science- We are discussing different food chains and the differences between food chains and food webs. We also had an outstanding demonstration of the damaging affects of fertilizer, oil and other chemicals on the environment. The demonstration was done by Mr. Weisburn. We are very excited about the different discussion we have had in science and are looking forward to learning more about energy and energy transfer.