Top Dog


    This is the schedule for your child when they are our "Top Dog!"




    Create a poster describing features about you!  Cut pictures out of magazines, attach pictures from home, color your own pictures, or write a sentence that describes each of your special qualities.  Be creative - it’s all about YOU! Your poster will be hung on the Top Dog wall all week! **BONUS**:  Send in up to 10 photographs to hang around your poster - they could be of your family, from a favorite birthday, a special vacation -  whatever you want to share with the class!


    Please send in some photos (or e-mail them to me @ for us to share with the class.


    A parent, grandparent, or special guest will come in to read a story and share a snack with the class!  Your child can help pick out one of their favorite stories.  


    Please write a letter telling us a little more about your child.  Tell us a special story, about a vacation, or something we don't know about your little one.  Send it sealed in an envelope so it's a big surprise!


    Send in 3 items to show and share with the class.


    Feel free to change the order of the days to whatever works best for you!  Just let me know if Story Snack will need to be a different day so we can make arrangements to our schedule.