Top Dog


    This is the schedule for your child when they are our "Top Dog!"




    Create a poster describing features about you!  Cut pictures out of magazines, attach pictures from home, color your own pictures, or write a sentence that describes each of your special qualities.  Be creative - it’s all about YOU! Your poster will be hung on the Top Dog wall all week! **BONUS**:  Send in up to 10 photographs to hang around your poster - they could be of your family, from a favorite birthday, a special vacation -  whatever you want to share with the class!


    Bring in an item from home in the special “20 questions” bag (provided).  The class will try to figure out what you have brought in by asking you 20 questions.  The item must be able to fit in the bag and will be returned home the same day.


    Bring in your favorite book to share with the class.  You may choose to read the book or the book can be read by the teacher - your choice!


    Please bring in a collection of items for our Estimation Jar.  You may bring in 25-100 of the same item - for example: paperclips, Cheerios, Gummy Bears - something simple!  Please send the correct amount of items on a piece of paper in an envelope with your child - they can even be in on the secret!


    You are invited to come to our classroom for Story Snack!  We typically do Story Snack on Fridays at 1:45 but this can be flexible to fit into your schedule if needed. For Story Snack, you will read a book to the class and provide a snack for them to enjoy afterwards.