Thank you for working hard at home with our district's phonics program, Fundations (Wilson Language)


    Please review your child's Fundations Folder for each unit and review the skills and Trick Words. 


    *Remember* that the Fundations Folder is an additional resource for your child per his or her IEP, is optional, and is completely unrelated to the homeroom teacher's homework policy. 

    The homeroom teachers will assign homework per each unit as they see fit.


     Each unit is usually two weeks, with very few one or three week units.

    Please expect to see the Fundations Folder at the beginning of every unit with a new due date on the purple Fundations Home Practice Log.

    Please complete the log each time your child practices at home and return it in the folder at the end of each unit. I will stamp logs and reward students for returning folders on time and for their work at home. For example, if your child practices 8 times at home for Unit 3, that would earn 8 additional stickers on their classroom behavior chart. For exceptional responsibility, students may earn additional rewards. 



    Click the link below for a YouTube video of the Fundations Alphabet Drill Sounds