• Yankee Candle Informaion


    Hello students, families and friends of JAGS. Educational travel is very important to our program, and we are of the mindset that if one student can go on an educational trip, then ALL students should be able to travel there as well.

    Our JAGS Freshmen fundraiser this year includes two great sales - Yankee Candle AND Popconopolis. 100% of all fundraising proceeds goes directly to mitigating the costs of the Freshmen overnight trip to Heifer Global Village in Sharpsburg, MD.  Please consider supporting our JAGS program and fundraisers.

    Any questions, please contact Ms. Kathryn Stone, JAGS Coordinator - kas2jc@jackson.sparcc.org, 330-837-3501. Thank you!

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

  •  The Jackson Academy for Global Studies is conducting a fundraiser to support our students travel opportunities.  Each student in the program has the opportunity to sell items from the Yankee Candle Fundraising catalog to raise money for any trip that they are participating in during their time in JAGS.

    Please consider supporting our students by purchasing some items today! Catalogs include much more than just candles.  Be sure to check out magazine subscriptions, popcorn, wrapping paper and more!  Take advantage of an opportunity to finish up holiday shopping before Black Friday!!

    Be sure to give the JAGS sellers you buy from the email addresses of friends and families who live outside of Jackson Township.  The students can send them an email invitation to shop for products online.  Online products are shipped directly to them!

     The sale runs through 11/2/15!! 



    1)  Create your seller account by going to www.yankeecandlefundraising.com and click 'Seller Login.'  Complete 'Sign up to be a Seller.'  Enter the group number (990055784) and click submit.

    2)  Visit the seller dashboard.  Enter email addresses of friends and family members.  Click Send.

    3)  Use that website to track your sales and profits!