Important First Grade Information

  • Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know about First-Grade Behavior and Discipline





    Copies of our classroom rules and discipline plan are posted in our classroom.  We call them the Lake Cable First Grade School Rules and they are explained in “kid-friendly” terms.  Below you will find these rules and expectations.




    Our classroom rules are written in “kid-friendly” terms, they are rather broad and generic.  To ease our students into the routine of first grade, we spend our first couple of weeks of school explaining school rules, demonstrating how to follow them, and then practicing how to follow them.  Our students have many opportunities to learn our school rules.


    Our goal in first grade is to create and environment in which everyone feels safe, feels good about themselves, and knows what behaviors are expected of them.




    Students are expected to:


    • Raise hands & wait for permission to speak


    • Use seat


    • Listen and participate appropriately


    • Use respectful attitudes and language towards the teacher and other students


    • Complete work with care


    • Follow directions the first time


    • Use a soft voice during “Quiet Talk” times


    • Display proper behavior in the hall, bathroom, or classroom at all times


    • Bullying, whether by words or actions, is never permitted.






    If it is below 20 degrees, we don’t go out.  Students should be snapped, buttoned, zipped, etc.  If they have boots, hat, gloves, etc., the expectation is that those items are on their bodies for recess.

          -       No aggressive games or “play battle” games


    -       Absolutely no rough play


    -       Absolutely no inappropriate physical contact


    -       When the whistle blows, the students line up next to the building in two lines. 


    -       They must be SILENT when they return into the building.






    -       Straight lines


    -       Students follow person in front of them – no cutting


    -       Silent


    -       Hands to themselves


    -       Walking






    -       Walk to and from bathroom


    -       Quiet


    -       Flush and wash hands


    -       Use bathroom appropriately






    Bucket Filling:


    Lake Cable students will be working on Bucket Filling.  Our students are excited about being bucket fillers and filling up a friends bucket.  As bucket fillers, we recognize the positive ways we treat each other, show respect, and show appreciation for others by displaying acts of kindness, manners, and having the willingness to help others.  Students are learning that in life we all have invisible buckets we carry with us and we fill it every time we do a good deed for someone.  At home, please remind your child about remembering to fill up their bucket and fill up a friend's bucket. 






    First Grade Volume:


    At the beginning of first grade, we learn the difference between outside, inside, and hallway voices. We just need to remember how to moderate our voices to fit each situation!






    Anytime you have a question about discipline and rules in general, or a situation in specific, please don’t hesitate to call.




    Our goal in first grade is to create an environment in which:


    everyone feels safe,


    feels good about themselves,


    and knows what behaviors are expected of them.




    Thank you for helping us with this goal.