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    Here are some websites you may want to check out with your child...

    You will have to cut & paste -- these are not direct links to the websites.




    This site has lots of great language arts games. It takes a fun game like this snowman game and has words that it helps your child sound out. There are lots of seasonal games as well as early reading, phonics, as well as reading practice.


      Your child can pick his/her favorite show and play a bunch of learning games for that show. 


      This site is great because it's split up into grades K-5 so there's no guess work there!



    This site has hundreds of educational games, for literacy, math and science.  It also has learning videos on subjects like the plant life cycle, frog life cycle, the 5 senses, and more with review games you can play afterward. It has  tons of free printable worksheets, arts and crafts coloring pages, and a cute blog. 


    This is another great site.  It has games from books like The Magic School Bus (which is oozing with science fun!), Clifford, WordGirl and more.  This site is has games for kids ages 3-7 and another section for kids ages 8-12.
    Fun fun fun!


    There is also a lot to this site as well. Pictured here are the ABC games which are for practicing letter recognition. There are also lots of other harder games that are also educational. Check it out it's a pretty good site.



    This site has lots of learning games for kids of ALL ages.  It's very tutorial centered which is good for learning a new concept. I also love the Kids Corner which you can explore lots of science centered ideas, such as the Four Seasons (as shown in the picture).  You can paint using movable parts like rain clouds which are actually raining!  Fun fun fun site!



    This site has a bunch of games that are all science related.  They are all pretty fun.  Some of them like Animal Jam require an e-mail address and some personal info about your child, just FYI. They also have a bunch of geography games, adventure games,  action games, puzzles and quizzes, games for young children, and all of the games really are science related.  They also have science experiments, videos, and interactive information about animals and countries.


      Highlights is a classic magazine that has been around for years. They are very well known for their hidden puzzles in their magazines. On their site for kids they have stories that you can have read to you and tons of games, their specialty is hidden picture games which you can click and the hidden image appears. 


    There are reading games on here as well as fun simple counting games. There also some difficult reading and math games on the main game page. There is a lot to choose from on this site.


    This site has a bunch of educational games that are also quite fun for kids. It has games for Babar, Jane and the Dragon, Zoola Patrol (great science games), and Vitamix.


    Shnoozles has lots of fun and simple preschool games, this main page would be fun for kids to navigate on.



    This site is a little old school but it is still really fun for preschoolers.

    This has fun indoor and outdoor activities.

    This site has some good science and nature games.


    This site has some fun animal games that you can switch animals around to look silly.

    This site has some fun games that explore expressions, proportions, and emotions.

    18.  This site is is also a little old school but it has some fun games for young children.